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Fresh fish in Carroll Gardens?

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Anyone here patronize the fish place on Court between Union and President? I always walk by and it's empty...

Usually I go to Fish Tales in Cobble Hill, but was wondering if perhaps there were even more options in the neighborhood.


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  1. I think if you want really good fish go to Fish Tales
    Thats about it for the 'hood

    1. My fave is the fish market in Carroll Gardens near Espositos pork store on Court St. I don't rememebr the cross street. There proces are much better than Fish Tales and they people are very nice.

      1. I often buy fish from this place (it's called the Carroll Gardens Fish Market). The fish isn't always as pristine or as carefully kept as at Fish Tales, but it's often significantly cheaper. Just fine for standard stuff like farmed salmon fillets; tuna that doesn't require a second mortgage, etc. On weekends (and maybe during the day? I only drop by after work) they often have a large selection of whole fish and sometimes unusual stuff, like live crayfish.

        1. Before Fish Tales opened I used to do my fish shopping there. Not as pristine as F.T. but no complaints. Not as geographical convenient for me, otherwise I'd give them more business.

          1. You will find that the place on Court between President & Union is a typical old school fish joint. I have been going there for about 11 years and have never had a bad experience. The fish is fresh and, provided you are not looking for anything too exotic, you will find it here at a good price.

            Fish Tales obviously is looking for a more upscale clientele and they are very good for out-of-the ordinary stuff (e.g. they sell fresh homemade fish stocks). No complaints whatsoever, except that they tend to be pricier.

            For your ordinary fish needs, the place on Court between President and Union is going to give you the same product at a better price.


            1. I agree with the postings so far - I lived around the corner from the fish market on Court at President St. for three years, and shopped there often. Decidedly unglamorous, but inexpensive and decent quality. Fish Tales is also good - definitely the place for harder to find items. What I would add to this discussion, though, is a caveat about Fish Tales. I would not recommend the pre-prepared items there at all. Very expensive, and each time I've tried one I've had the impression that it had been sitting around for a while. Stick to the FRESH fish up front in the ice.

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                Fish Tale. No question. Great selection. Very fresh. Great service.

                Re: John C / prepared foods at Fish Tale - have to agree they are hit or miss. The noncreamy soups are pretty good. best to get whatever soup is the one they're also serving fresh. the salads (not green) are pretty good. The sauces are not so good.

              2. A new fish market recently opened at # 120 Union Street between Hicks and Columbia just west of the BQE. These guys really know their business! You can't beat their prices-- nice selection, excellent rotation and VERY FRIENDLY--- check 'em out. Two doors down, don't miss Helen's Fabulous Cheesecake--another newcomer to the food scene in the booming Columbia Waterfront District. Helen's Cheesecake is the BEST in NYC. Her outdoor garden is an oasis of tranquility you can't miss. I can't wait until it opens for the season.

                Welcome to the neighborhood!

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                  A thread revival 6 years in the making. Does anyone know if any of these places ever get in fresh octopus? Not necessarily alive, but just not frozen.

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                    Ha. The only changes since then besides my age & weight are that the shop in question has had a makeover and is considerably brighter.
                    My brain thinks it remembers fresh octopus (as to whether it is thawed or truly fresh I cannot say). Definitely I've seen baby octo. Fish Tales, I believe, only has it in the freezer case. Always in greater quantity than I care to buy.
                    I will stand by the original opinions that they are cheaper than F.T. and not as premium but perfectly good. They are always friendly and if they were closer I would frequent them.

                  2. re: Brian

                    So sad! These places are gone. Those scones at Helen's were great.

                  3. I've lived in the hood for 12 years and buy fish from Carroll Gardens Fish Market once or twice a week -- it's always been fresh and the people are friendly. Fish tales is great too but farther from home and more expensive.