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Feb 18, 2002 07:33 PM

redhook bar question

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anyone been to the new bar by the waterfront in red hook? not sure of the name. any review comments? i was thinking of going to see it thanks.

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  1. you're either thinking of Sonny's (just a generic BAR sign out front), or Lily's (that place has a sign that says Breakwater Cafe on Beard St.). Can't tell you much more. Go to Lily's on the weekend. great GREAT jukebox. can't tell you much about sonny's, but armed with a name you might have some more luck.

    i have friends who swear by both places.

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      Sonny's was the real deal but last I checked the old salt was shuttered indefinitely. Apparently, his rather murky liquor license situation stopped flying when the newer competition started to do some business. He's rumored to be coming back though. Lucy's is okay but Sonny's was really worth the trip from anywhere in the city, for eccentric types.