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Feb 17, 2002 12:04 AM

Any suggestions for food along the #7 train in Queens?

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Hi- I'm planning to do a "food" day in queens this monday - want to make a few stops on the #7 train for lunch, dinner and a snack- can anyone suggest some good ethnic eats along the way? Many thanks!

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  1. Any preferences or types of food you are or are not interested in? What have you eaten before and liked?

    A list that Eric did a couple of months ago is a start. Any place that he says is on Roosevelt and many of the others are reachable from the 7.

    Sripraphai, a Thai place, is the only one that, assuming you like Thai food, is universally acclaimed.

    Any others on Eric's list you are curious about ask away and folks will respond.


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      thanks so much- thats a great starting point. I love this site.

    2. j

      Nazar, which was a hot Chowhound topic back in December and January is on the 7 train. I think the stop is Hunts Point, but you'll have to check. I know it's on Queens Blvd around 41st St.

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        If it's QB & 41st, you want the 40th St. stop.

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          John Schoneboom

          Nazar is between 42nd and 43rd on the north side of Queens Blvd, and the 40th Street stop is indeed the closest.

          And Nazar rules! It's wonderful!

      2. Another source of info I don't think anyone's mentioned yet is the article Jonathan Gold did in the May 2001 issue of 'Gourmet' magazine. Titled 'Ticket to the World,' it was a four-page article on exactly what you're asking about - taking the 7 train into Queens as a way of exploring all of the ethnic enclaves and cuisines that can be found along it's route. It's a great start to exploring this route if you can find a copy, though a few hours on this board will lead you to even more recommendations than Jonathan could fit into his article.

        This may be too late for you (since I assume you were planning this for this past Monday), but might help anyone else planning a similar day of exploration.