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Feb 4, 2002 08:13 PM

Russian grocery store in Queens?

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I was wondering if anybody knew of a Russian grocery store in Queens where you can get those individually packaged dark chocolates filled with walnuts, jellies, truffles, etc. It's a little tiring commuting to Brighton Beach everytime I'm in the mood for them. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Go to 108th Street in Forest Hills and there are about 4 places where you can buy those candies, The biggest one is across the street from the Lemon Drop and Carmel (Misha and something or other is the name)and then there are about 3-4 others up and down the strip. Also there are a bunch of Russian delis on 63rd Drive in Rego Park (on both sides of Queens Blvd) and there are a few more places on Queens Blvd. near 68th Road too.

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      I'm trying to think of the name of the place on 63rd Dr., the first one as you walk up the hill, a long block past the former Goody's. European Delicatessen? Dang - it's gone from my memory. But a good selection of the chocolates. I especially like the ones with the squirrel on the wrapper.

      So where are these chocolates from? I always thought they were imported from Russia, but there's no country of origin listed on the wrapper, which attributes them to Golden Chocolates in Brooklyn.

    2. 42-07 QUEENS BLVD
      GO THEE

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        david sprague

        try Gourmet Fantasy Foods, which is at the corner of 76th and roosevelt. nice variety of candy and bakery and much much more---one of the better smoked fish selections in western queens. counter ladies can be kind of surly a first, but they do warm up....

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          The store David Sprague mentions is very good and definitely has those candies (my secretary's favorite!), but the location is on 76 St and 37 Ave., not Roosevelt Ave.