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Jan 28, 2002 12:09 PM


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Anybody know about Mansoura's? Syrian-Jewish, Brooklyn, supposed to be great. I'm keen to try it but hoping for more intelligence...

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  1. I just stumbled upon this place today. They had very little available, as all the Jewish bakeries are getting ready, but I think it worked to my advantage. They had some scattered cookies that didn't look special, so I had a piece of their Turkish delight. The young guy who was working asked if I'd tried it before. "No, it's my first time here," I told him. "Well, ours is a little different. It's full of pistachios," he said. It was amazing--yes, full of pistachios and just the right amount of rosewater--not too perfumey, and not too sweet. A piece cost me $1.25 (it's $18 a lb.). The guy also told me they've been around for 50 years.

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      Given that I'm virtually never in that part of Brooklyn anymore, I haven't been there in 30+ years. However, I remember that I thought it was fantastic--my former in-laws lived in Brooklyn and we bought pastry there often. They used to refer to themselves as an "Oriental" bakery which, given that they're mizrahim rather than Sephardim, was accurate. One wonders if they switched once the "O-word" became a pejorative. Political correctness aside, I'd go back in a heartbeat.

    2. This is one of the best bakeries in NYC. The late grandfather was a baker for King Farouk!

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        For what it is, I'm that's most likely true. But I'm sure there are other bakeries in town that are equally as good that specialize in other things. From what I remember, though, for Middle Eastern pastry and sweets, Mansoura was superb.

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          they're very, very good, although they're expensive and the service is quite frequently a bit harsh. (the woman who owns it can often be ill tempered.) they have quite a few things that no one else carries, but if you're just looking for baklava, laziza in astoria has them beat on price, service, vibe and variety.

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            That may well be true but are they kosher? Masoura's is kosher.