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Jan 21, 2002 10:23 AM

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

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I dont think I have seen much mention of Ice cream on this sight. The new Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (Old Fulton St. right by the River Cafe) is producing wonderfully simple Ice Cream; limiting itself to 6 flavours (the best is the butter pecan). I have to admit, as much as I loved the old Petes on Atlantic avenue (nothing like hippy decour to go with your ice cream), the ice cream was never that great. The people who work at the Ice Cream factory have been great to us, helping keep the kids entertained. Would love to hear others thoughts/suggestions on other great ice cream in Brooklyn/Queens.

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  1. I stopped by a few weeks ago and had a dish of stellar chocolate ice cream; among the best I've ever had. Creamy but not unctuously so, with a clean, clear chocolate flavor that didn't go overboard as, in my opinion, Pete's chocolate did.
    What really impressed me, though, was that there was no hot fudge. First this disappointed me, but then the proprietor explained that he'd not yet been able to come up with a hot fudge recipe that satisfied him. When's the last time anyone heard something like that? I can hardly wait until he dreams something up.

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    1. re: Erica Marcus
      Nina Wugmeister

      I wonder why he doesn't team up with Jacques Torres and get a hot fudge from over there...could be good cross-marketing, not to mention a culinary delight!

      1. re: Nina Wugmeister

        Not so sure Jacques Torres would be content with plain ol hot fudge. Probably would end up with Curry Hot Fudge.
        I had the same hot fudge conversation, and the same initial regret. But the fudgeless Sundae was still one of the best I have had recently. I appreciated that the whipped cream wasnt painfuly sweet.....

      2. re: Erica Marcus

        The chocolate ice cream was a bit too chocolaty for my taste. It was rich and I might not have loved it, but I'm sure Dark chocolate lovers will. Brooklyn ice cream factory is still the BEST place for ice cream in DUMBO though.

        1. re: 20somethingirl

          I haven't eaten anything at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in years (but judging from the insanely long line I saw there about 3 weeks ago, they haven't missed my patronage). The only things going for the place, as far as I could ever tell, was the proximity to Grimaldi's and that magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. You can find better tasting ice cream, and a much wider variety of flavors, in the freezer section of your local grocery.

          Do they still have the gumption to refuse to serve free tastes??

          1. re: racer x

            "You can find better tasting ice cream, and a much wider variety of flavors, in the freezer section of your local grocery."

            Well, the only commercial ice cream I'd compare it to is Breyer's, which does have a similar "fresh" taste with emphasis on the creaminess. It's good stuff, basic flavors done well. Not every place needs to have 40 flavors.

            "Do they still have the gumption to refuse to serve free tastes??"

            What do you need a taste for? There's only six or so flavors, nothing exotic, so surely you can figure out which you are in the mood for. That said, last time we went (on a slow, dreary Feb afternoon) the guy was happy to give us an extra spoonful of vanilla for our dog.

      3. try this link for one of my all time favorite hot fudge sundaes with great homemade ice cream, homemade hot fudge and perfect not overly sweet whipped cream

        (I still cann't figure out how to put the above below so there...)

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          Hey Tigerwoman, to include a link you copy the address into the URL box just below your message, and type the title in the title's box, for example:


          Title: Perfection in Valley Stream LI

          Then you can test the result before you post by clinking on your own link which you'll see after you click "Post This Reply" for the first time.


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            thanks - it worked finally
            don't know what i was doing differently but somehow it just didn't click

        2. For a really old-fashioned ice cream parlor/diner in Brooklyn, try Hirsch's on 5th Ave and 86th St (R train to 86th). They make their own too, and although their flavors may not be as sophisticated as the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, it's like a scoop of Americana! Their chocolate actually tastes like Hershey's syrup, and big cones are $2. You'll also love the atmosphere- it's one of the last of a dying breed.

          1. It's really great ice cream. I'd say that
            it ties with Cones for best ice cream in the
            city, although they are two different styles
            of ice cream. He makes it Philadelphia style,
            which means it has no eggs, and that the base
            is simply cream and sugar.

            I hope that he is successful and is able to fare
            okay having opened during the cold season.

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              frank silverstein

              I'm a reporter looking to do a story on homemade ice cream in Brooklyn. Can anyone suggest other homemade ice cream sellers here in Brooklyn.

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              1. re: frank silverstein

                the "Cones" place (I think it is called) in Sunset Park Chinatown, 8th Ave around 56, say, is worth checking out. Black sesame, taro, ginger, red bean, green tea and other unusual flavors are offered.

                What about places that make italian ices/granitas?

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Jen - is it this place?

                  C & C Sundaes & Cones Inc
                  5622 8th Ave


                  1. re: scooter

                    A couple years after Jen's post, that shop closed and its owner reopened in the East Village.

                    Sundaes and Cones
                    95 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003

                    1. re: squid kun

                      thanks for the info.
                      (didn't notice that Jen was writing in '04!)

                2. re: frank silverstein

                  I would recommend "Blue Marble" on Atlantic. The ice cream there has nice, strong flavors, still creamy but the flavor comes through really deliciously. It's a new place, try it out!

                  1. re: dimples

                    I agree. The ice cream at Blue Marble is great! The Rum Raisin is the best I've ever had!