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Jan 20, 2002 02:12 PM

Where to Eat in Jamaica, Queens?

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Lately I've had a lot of business to do in Jamaica and coupled with that a lot of free time out there. A lot of the restaurants look downright scary (as in unclean) and some look like they might have potential.

Can anyone recommend anything in the vicinity (I'm near the LIRR station in Jamaica usually). Thanks!

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  1. As a native of Jamaica I agree w/you. But, there used to be a small Portugese community just south of the LIRR. Coming out of the station hang a right. Go straight + look around. There is still a place on 101 Ave but that's quite a walk. I'd do an proximity search on

    Good luck

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      There is slime pickings in Jamaica, however you can find somethings. Try the food court at Jamaica Center its on the north side of Jamaica Ave. between 158th and 159th maybe or 160th and 161st. Also I hear (I've never been there) Bickles a Chinese and Jamaican restaurant is good, that's on the north side of Archer Ave in the 160's. Check the phone book for the exact addresses. There's a good El Salvadoran restaurant on west side of 168th Street on the first block north of Hillside.

    2. you posted on 2002 but here in 2006 there are some restaurants jamaican G's near the right of LIRR away from Hillside, and across the street a Tapas bar called Sangria which has great food.
      hope this helps.

      1. I work close to there off Hillside Avenue and the best place I found is call Punto Rojo. It's a Columbian joint that serves tasy food, huge portions and is very modern compared to other neighborhood places (i.e., plasma tvs on walls, clean and has a city vibe). Get a combination platter, Cosmopolitana @ $11 (pork loins, steak, avocado, rice and beans, & ripe plantain) or Metropolitano $13.50 (skirt steak, chicken breast, fried pork skin, salad w/ avocoado, fried cassava, rice & beans), and you have lunchj and dinner with the left overs. Also, there are healthier alternatives like soup, salad and sandwiches. But don't forget the pastries on the way out.

        147-16 Hillside Avenue
        Jamaica, NY 11435
        718-657-1660 (they deliver!)

        1. for amazing indian food, check out "Rahman Tandoori" on the corner of 180th street and Hillside (80-10 180 St.). Amazing, kicking Indian food for cheap!

          1. It seems you have time so you might visit EL COYOTE - a mexican place; really lovely; you can lunch outdoors back of restaurent.
            Great value lunch menu - free chips, wonderful fresh salsa.
            I often have ITEM 21 OF THE LUNCH menu Mexican chicken which comes in a great sauce which has quite a spice kick. It comes with a healthy fresh salad or reice and beans. ALL FOR $5.75.
            Many other specials daily.
            It's located at 178-27 Hillside and is located beside the southern exit last stop the F train at 179th.