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Jan 17, 2002 11:18 PM

Gasthaus - german take-out in Bayside

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After reading an earlier post about this place, I finally drove over and had me a schnitzel. It was really good. Just seasoned enough to really taste the veal and not chewy like it's been sitting around. Not bad for $7.

It was good enough that my husband kept going for "tastes" of my schnitzel. Looks like we'll be headed back there. Can't wait to try the "Frikadelle" (Giant Meatball) and compare it to say, a Lion's Head (Joe Shanghai meatballs).

The owner is the nicest, decent guy. This place needs more chowhounds! Need some variety in this part of town.

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    Paul Karatzas

    This new German Restaurant is excellent. I've been back here a few times already. The owner is very pleasant and always asking for comments or suggestions about the place. He follows up on the advice also. The food is great. I love the Shnitzel and Bratwurst. The Zigeuner Shnitzel is excellent also. I have recommended this place to my friends. My wife is part German and she loved it.

    1. I've tried to locate the address via Yahoo and Big Yellow with no success. I know it's on Francis Lewis Boulevard. What is the cross street?

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        It's right before 26th ave (before if you're coming from whitestone, after 26th if you're heading to). It's on the same block as the Auberndale library.