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Jan 15, 2002 08:19 AM

Mike & Tony's open again?

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I passed by Mike & Tony's yesterday evening and the bar was doing a lively business. However, the "CLOSED" sign was still up and the menu in the window was the one from New Year's Eve. Anyone know what's up?

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  1. Maybe this is old news - and I don't know if it's accurate, but what I heard is that they are changing the menu (and lessening the prices). When they reopen it will be a somewhat changed Mike & Tony's.

    1. I walked by too at around 6:30pm and it looked like they were setting up for a private party. I heard they're going to reopen soon, but I don't know when.

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        Nina Wugmeister

        It was a private party - for the Cucina staff. They're planning to renovate and change, and re-open in mid-February. Won't be open between now and then, according to the powers that be at Cucina.