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Jan 10, 2002 11:20 PM

Bay Ridge pizza tip

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I've seen lots and lots and *lots* of pizza places
discussed here, but one that never seems to come up is
the New York Brick Oven Pizza Co. in Bay Ridge on 3rd Ave
just south of 77th. They've got a special posted in the
window -- a personal margherita pizza Mon-Sat from noon-
6pm for $5.50 plus tax -- that I've taken advantage of a
couple of times and the pizza is really just *perfection*:
a delicious, crunchy thin (but not potato-chip thin)
crust, bright, flavorful sauce, generous pools of nicely
herbed fresh mozzarella, yanked out of the oven neither
a moment too early nor too late... and yet the place has
been absolutely empty both times I've come in. And
apparently this is no aberration -- during one visit,
three older fellows, apparently the proprietors, were
glumly discussing why they weren't getting any business.
So, yeah, check it out. It's got a corporate name, and
the room is a bit soulless, but the pizza sure isn't.

Link: http://adamcadre.ac/content/eat-nyc.html

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  1. I stopped by this place on the way back from checking out Karam tonight. The place was deserted except for one couple getting a pizza. The menu is limited, and they don't have slices, so I ended up getting a small white pie to go, not even considering the bag from Karam already sitting in my car (baba ganouj sandwich, spinach pie & lg lentil soup, all for $7.75--they were out of chicken shwarma for the night). The pizza was good, not glorious. The white pie consisted of mozzarella, ricotta and those shriveled, black Italian olives. The ricotta was fresh and very good, but the experience as a whole wasn't magical. The crust was kind of chewy and seemed a little raw, not the thin perfection I was expecting. The bites containing olives were very good, but there were only four of these on the pie.I have to try again with one of those margherita's that Adam recommended. The owner, Freddy, was a nice guy, and came over and started chatting with me while I waited. The exact address is 7708 3rd Ave. They don't have a takeout menu, but the phone is: 718-833-3364. Interesting note--the bottom of the business card, under the phone number, reads: Fresh Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomatoes, Basil, Olive Oil

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      My friends lovingly refer to this place as Freddie's as he, along with the rest of the staff, are simply very nice, genuine folks. NYCP&P Co. is the closest establishment to Grimaldi's as far as thin crust, freshly made pies go. Have tried just about everything they have, w/ the exception of the white pie interstingly enough, and have rarely been disappointed. The sausage is a bit plain and could certainly use some pep (a la Franks on Flatbush & Quentin) but the overwhelming majority of the food is fresh and delicious. It's truly ponderous how a pleasant neighborhood eatery such as this struggle for business while other restaurants which I'll spare naming can't keep people out. I am a frequent customer and have recommended it to everyone I know. If you're looking for a fresh pie and the line for Grimaldi's is out the door, hop on the BQE and head for this place. You will be pleased. And if your travels happen to take you to Bergen Beach, the assorted pies at La Villa, especially the "upside down" pie w/ fresh mozzarella is something else (beware, it ain't cheap).