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Jan 8, 2002 12:35 PM

another park slope lunch tip

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I just got back from Ocean Market, a fish shop on the corner of 7th Ave and 3rd Street. They have a sushi chef that will make you a lobster-avocado roll (8 pieces) for only $3.95. The meat is so fresh and good,too. I noticed California rolls are only $2.50. You can't beat that! There's even a couple of seats so you can eat right there. And free gumdrops at the cash register!

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  1. Did these folks used to have a fish store further up the avenue, I believe at the corner of 1st? I'm in SF now, but got fresh fish and sushi there for years. Run by lovely people.

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      Stephanie Leveene

      No, that place moved to 7th Avenue _between_ 3rd and 4th, so now we have 2 fish markets within a 1/2 block of each other.