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Jan 2, 2002 05:08 PM

good tacqueria near brooklyn museum of art?

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going for first saturday this weekend but don't know the area at all. any good tacos-burritos in the area? if not, any other suggestions for prospect park area?
i guess sunset park chinatown is nearby, as well.

i am coming from jersey, so brooklyn is foreign to me.
any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I think the closest you'll get to tacos around there is a place on Flatbush near Bergen. However, I'd steer you towards Jamaican food if you're around the Brooklyn Museum. Do a search for "jerk chicken" and you'll find the thread on the taste-off that was conducted fairly recently. Most of the jerk joints are on Flatbush or off Eastern Parkway.

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      near the brooklyn museum.

    2. The taco place on Flatbush near Bergen is Yummy Taco but I can't really recommend it. I haven't had their tacos but the place is run by orientals, which doesn't mean it cannot be good but I've tried several items and they have all been uninspired. You'd be better off taking a short walk west on Eastern Parkway to Grand Army Plaza, crossing Flatbush and Prospect Park West, then continuing down Union Street two blocks to 7th. Turn right and you'll soon hit La Taqueria (on the west side of the street) which purports to be "California-Mexican." I can't vouch for the authenticity but I've always eaten well there and portions are generous. It's a lot better than Yummy Taco! (My favorite: the "Chinatown" burrito.)

      If you are more adventurous you could walk two more blocks down to 5th, turn right and at around Prospect Place you'll find Calexico. With its formica tables and TV set playing soccer games you'll feel you're back in old Guadalajara, but the food is great and the guacamole the best I've had. (I'm not sure you can actually get a taco's been a while.) I particularly like their chicken cutlet in honey-lime butter. And it's very reasonably priced.

      There are other Mexican places on Fifth Avenue (I haven't tried), as well as some of Park Slope's trendiest restaurants (turn left on Fifth instead of right), but that's another story.