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Dec 31, 2001 08:27 AM

Brighton Beach Odyssey (with happy ending)

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We took a trip out to Brighton Beach today, planning to dine at the Espresso Cafe, which several othe 'hounds have recommended. We didn't have the address or exact coordinates, but figured it would be pretty easy to find (one hound said it was just east of Coney Island Ave on Brighton Beach Ave,).

Well, after walking up and down Brighton Beach Ave. in the freezing cold a few times -- and even asking several people for directions -- we gave up and decided to try a restaurant that fit the description in all but the name above the door. This rather non-descript place is called the Theater Cafe and it turned out to be absolutely superb (actually it left me wondering if the Espresso had simply undergone a name change).

Four of us enjoyed a huge meal with cofee, vodka and dessert for about $28 each. Everything (except for the dessert) was excellent -- and in several cases exquisite. The standouts were the lamb soup, kasha, stuffed cabbage and meat varenekes. We also had an excellent shashlik and stroganoff.

Its on Brighton, just east of Coney Island Ave, right next to the theatre. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this place and what they thought. Also, if anyone could provide the exact location of the Espresso.

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