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Dec 28, 2001 08:52 AM

have car... will travel!

  • j

My friend lent me his car for the holiday weekend. I live in Park Slope, but want to do some Chowhound-ish exploring. Anyone have any favorite restaurants in the outer boroughs that are best reached by car?

I don't want to squander this rare opportunity of having wheels.

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  1. n
    Nina Wugmeister

    Okay, not to be redundant...but Nazar (Sunnyside, Queens) and DiFara's (midwood, Brooklyn), for sure, if you haven't been yet.

    If you do a search, you'll find tons of information on both of these places.

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    1. re: Nina Wugmeister

      I'd say take Eric Eto's list and run with it. Link below...


    2. c
      chris from manhattan

      definetely Nazar in queens. been there and loved their food. they deserve to be in manhattan than most restaurants i've been to
      enjoy it
      happy holidays

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      1. re: chris from manhattan

        "deserve to be in Manhattan"? Last time I checked, NYC comprised 5 boroughs, and each one of them are entitled to good food, atmopshere, and service.

        1. re: chris from manhattan
          Nina Wugmeister

          What does that mean, "deserve to be in Manhattan?" The other boroughs don't "deserve" to have good restaurants with good food????

          1. re: Nina Wugmeister

            hi Nina
            U know i went to nazar because of your suggestion. and i absolutely fell in love with the place.i really wanted to read your review of nazar but i could not se any. did you post one? I have been coming to ny for about every month now for the last 3 years and i have been in a lot of restaurants during that time say about... three times a day. i have been in a lot of bad restaurants in new york that if i was a tourist visiting new york city the first time and thinking that nyc is the number one restaurant city in the world, i than definetely would be dissapointed.
            thats why i said Nazar deserves to be in manhattan more then most restaurants i have been to.
            of course queens and every other borough of new york have great restaurants and there is nothing more normal then that but what i am saying is if they neded to take some restaurants and decide to open a second location, i have Nazar on top of my list.
            i hope i did not get you guys mad because i really did not mean anything bad by my comment.
            sorry if i did
            happy holidays

        2. o

          While you have the wheel, you may also want to explore NJ restaurants, some of which are a lot harder to get to w/o the car.

          e.g., There are many great Korean restaurants in Bergen County. One of such places, So Kon Dong (130 Main Street, Fort Lee. Phone: 201-585-1122), specializes in hot-pot soft tofu. It's excellent, and you can choose the spiciness according to your liking.

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          1. re: oysterpancake

            good idea... I wasn't even thinking about NJ! Is the restaurant you mentioned on stilts, by any chance, with the garage/parking underneath? I remember once going to a korean/japanese restaurant in Ft. Lee or Edgewater.

            1. re: JessicaSophia

              The place your are refering to, on stilts, is called Yea Jong (spelling may be off a bit).

              I believe they are open 24 hours, which means you can squeeze in an extra meal at 3am while you have the car.

              1. re: thereuare

                FYI, Yea Jean changed ownership. It's now called "teasho" or something like that.

                It's still Korean/Japanese and still reliable. I've been there a few times in the past several months. (Best thing about having a client in North Jersey!!)

            2. re: oysterpancake

              There is a Korean special to-fu hot pot place right here in Queens, on 40th street and Queens Blvd. It may even be of the same chain as the ones in NJ.

              One place you might want to get to with a car is that Greek yogurt place in Queens that I've heard so much about, but have yet to go because I don't have a car....

            3. I would suggest you to travel upstate ,about 2 hours
              to Reinbeck. Go to Beeckman Inn which is the oldest Inn
              in the entire country. Built in 1766. There is an amazing restaurant run by Chef Forgionne. Have the Turkey pot pie. This was one of the best dishes I have
              ever had.

              I think you will enjoy the ride as well as the food.

              1. j

                Well, I did go to Nazar this weekend with my short-lived mobility-- you guys were right! We had the phyllo dough and feta cheese appetizer, the chicken stuffed with pistachio and a special of salmon crusted with almond. Everything was amazing. And the presentation was incredible! We also shared a pistachio baklava, which I found a little dry for my liking, but then again, it could've been that I was incredibly stuffed.

                Today, I'm ashamed to say, I went to the Cheesecake factory in Long Island during a Target/IKEA run. Hope I don't get barred from the Chowhound board for that one!