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Dec 27, 2001 06:34 PM

Phillies in Astoria

  • j

Has anyone ever been to a place called Phillies in Astoria? How is it?

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  1. m

    Nope....Looks like no one has tried that place.. Maybe I'll give it a shot an let you know.

    1. I've been there a few times and it's awesome! REALLY excellent food! Decor, not so much, except for the garden in the summer which is very cozy.
      Does anyone know if it's still open? I don't think they do a lot of business.

      1. Never ate there, but sat next to the owner at a hair salon in Bayside once. He was a very eccentric chap and from his description it seemed like he was the cook/owner/waiter/busboy/ all in one. It seems to be a one man show with no set menu with everything largely based on his whim. Alas,I never got around to trying it.....

        1. Can you go into description on the type of food