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Dec 20, 2001 10:18 PM


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I have only 3 days to eat my heart out in Queens, what is the best ethnic recommendation of anything (short of insects) that you can praise. What is the best meal you've ever had in Queens and what can you recommend to take home????

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  1. I would suggest Penang Malaysian on Prince Street in Flushing. While there are hundreds of choices, The roti canai appetizer and house special prawns are something every hound should experience.
    Happy holidays to everyone !!

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    1. re: john knoesel
      Vital Information

      There was a thread a week or so ago on the Boston board about what to order at Penang.


      1. re: Vital Information

        I don't know if this is still true, but since the mothership Flushing branch has traditionally been less "americafied" than the others, the ordering strategy for the newer outposts didn't always work for the original.

    2. Here are a few... this should get you started.

      Cantonese: New Kim Tuong (Elmhurst, on Broadway), Ping's (Elmhurst, Queens Blvd), many more in Flushing

      Malaysian: New Taste Good (Elmhurst), Rasa Sayang (Jackson Heights, on Broadway), Penang (Flushing)

      Thai: Sripraphai (Woodside, Roosevelt/65th), Takrai Thai (Elmhurst), Ubol's (Astoria, Steinway St), Arunee (Jackson Heights, 78th/Roosevelt)

      Taiwanese: David's Taiwanese (Elmhurst, Broadway), can't remember the name of the place in Flushing...

      Egyptian: Kebab Cafe (Astoria, Steinway/28th Ave), Mombar (Astoria, Steinway St/28th Ave)

      Turkish: Nazar (Sunnyside), Kazan (Rego Park)

      Lebanese: Hemsin (Sunnyside)

      Peruvian: Pio Pio (Jackson Heights on Northern Blvd, or Rego Park on Woodhaven Blvd), Casa de Pollo Peruano (Jackson Heights/Corona, Roosevelt Blvd or 104th St), Inti Raymi (Jackson Heights, 37th Ave)

      Mexican: Taqueria Coatzinga (Jackson Heights, Roosevelt/76th), Taza de Oro (Corona, Roosevelt/Junction), La Espiga (Corona or Astoria), Poblano (Jackson Heights, Roosevelt/75th St), Tulcingo (Jackson Heights, Roosevelt/82nd)

      Philipino: Ihawan (Woodside, 70th/Roosevelt), Renee's Cafe (Roosevelt/69th St), Krystal's (Roosevelt/69th)

      Uzbeki: Djerdan (Astoria)

      Argentine/Uruguayan: La Porteña (Jackson Heights, 37th Ave/75th St), Rincon Criolla (Corona, Junction/Corona Ave.), Parrillada Mi Tio (Elmhurst, Queen's Blvd/57th Ave), Chivito de Oro (Jackson Heights, 37th Ave/83rd St)

      Afghan: Speengar Kebab (Woodside, 69th/Roosevelt), Bahar (Elmhurst, Queens Blvd/54th Ave), Afghan Kebab House (Jackson Heights, 37th Ave/75th St)

      Indian/Pakistani: 5 Star Punjabi (Long Island City), Ashoka (37th Ave/74th St), Dosa Hut (Flushing)

      Shanghai: Joe's Shanghai (Flushing, Elmhurst), Captain King (Elmhurst)

      Jewish: Knish Nosh (Rego Park, Queen's Blvd)

      Columbian: Los Arieros (Jackson Heights, Roosevelt/77th St), Tierras Colombianas (Jackson Heights/Astoria)

      Brazilian: Malagueta (Astoria), Girasol (Astoria)

      Vietnamese: Pho Bac (Elmhurst)

      Spanish: Meson Asturias (Jackson Heights)

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      1. re: Eric Eto

        Wow, Eric, that's quite some file you have there. A worthy link to provide to future advice-seekers.

        A couple of comments about the list:

        The Taiwanese place in Flushing is called Laifood.

        Hemsin, as far as I can tell, belongs in the Turkish category.

        To the Malaysian category I would add Penang Taste on Broadway in Elmhurst - tried it for the 1st time a few months ago, had a pretty good meal there.

        To the Thai category I would add My Thai on Dongan Ave in Elmhurst, which as far as I recall I learned about via your posting, and I've been meaning to thank you. I think it's quite good.

        I think it's risky to recommend Pho Bac in Elmhurst these days - so many downhill reports. The new Pho Binh on 74th in Elmhurst is promising -- nobody has reported a negative experience so far. I've always had good luck at Pho Vietnam on Prince St in Flushing. Have not tried the newer Vietnamese places there.

        To Chowempress:
        Virtually every one of Eric's selections has been discussed on this board, so you may want to scroll through the board, or do a search from the home page Search box for the names of some of the places, to read people's comments.

        1. re: Eric Eto
          Steve Plotnicki

          Eric-That is one mean list.

          1. re: Eric Eto


            Thanks for your list. It's really useful, even though I've eaten at most of these places. It's a great starting off place for anyone interested in Queens.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              Typo or Error: Peking Duck (Forest Hills) 107-12 70th AVENUE, (NOT Road.) Good standard Chinese restaurant that has always been consistent throughout the years.

              1. re: inwooddan

                I've always liked Peking Duck with one major exception. Their brown rice is FUNKY TASTING. I've tried it several times over several years. Always funky. Stay away!

            2. re: Eric Eto
              Lou from Queens

              Eric, I’m impressed by your list and look forward to eating my way through the rest of our great borough. Don’t forget to add the following to your list

              Mickey’s Place, (Forest Hills/Rego Park border) a small but wonderful Japanese Restaurant located at 101-16 Queens Blvd (67th AVE) The fish and Sushi are always fresh and the service is friendly.

              Pio Pio –Chicken marinated in a special Peruvian Sauce. Plenty of side dishes you should try to get there early on weekends. For about $35 bucks you’ll easily feed four hungry people.

              Corona Pizza-51-23 108th Street thin crust brick oven style pies and above average hero’s. These guys used to carter the Television people at the US Open when it was in the Louis Armstrong stadium. Afterwards take your kids to the Corona Ice King across the street and then to the Hall of Science for a fun day. Note they have finally made the great Louis Armstrong’s house into a museum, which I think is close by.

              Peking Duck (Forest Hills) 107-12 70th Road. Good standard Chinese restaurant that has always been consistent throughout the years.

              Nicks Pizza (Forest Hills) forgot address–Gourmet Pizza, wonderful toppings, worth the extra money.

              Golden Pond Seafood Restaurant- (Forest Hills) 113-15 Queens Blvd. The best week end Dim Sum in town. Great food, helpful service, in a big clean modern restaurant. Beats the hell out of those old dingy places on Mott and East Broadway, plus no attitude!

              Ben’s Best Deli (Rego Park) on Queens Blvd (forgot address) I think it smokes the places left in Manhattan. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Knish Nosh a couple of blocks away and bring home some happiness to your friends and neighbors.

              I am sorry to confirm reports that Goodies in Rego Park has changed ownership and it sucks. Think that they still might have a place somewhere in Chinatown? Does anybody know if “The Family” restaurant in Forest Hills is still good?

              Anyway I’m sure that most of these places have been mentioned on this board, just wanted to add my two cents. Happy eating, and remember that Queens Rules…LOU

              1. re: Eric Eto

                To your Malaysian suggestions I would add New Curry Leaves Malaysian, at 135-31 40 Road, Flushing. I recommend it over Penang in Flushing after having eaten at both.

                1. re: Eric Eto

                  Nothing new but:

                  Last night after 8pm I was on Roosevelt Ave and in the mood for Mexican food. I decided to forgo my usual Taqueria Coatzinga stop and go to a place new to me: Taqueria Tulcingo. They have 2 locations. One on Roosevelt and another with a smaller dining area combined with a small grocery around the corner next to Meson Asturias. I had previously noticed them, particularly the smaller place, while walking around the block waiting to go to American Adobo at the Jackson Cinema on 82nd.

                  The smaller location was totally empty at 8:30ish when I walked by and although I didn't check, I assumed they were closing up. At the other location, #2 says the sign outside, I had a nice dinner, pozole sopa/soup and roast pork chalupas and beer. Big pluses are that they have the juke box set to a reasonable level and are open late (2am says the take-out menu).

                  This morning as I file away the menu I wonder what, if anything, other c'hounds have said about this place. A quick search shows that the place was on Eric Eto's excellent short list of Queens "ethnic" eateries and c'hound had summaries of NewsDay reviews from fall/winter 99. So I have nothing significant to add, except that I had a nice meal and, based on the reviews, I guess I lucked out choosing the roast pork.

                  I agree that they are worthy of being on a short list like Eric's.



                  1. re: wrayb

                    Thanks for the endorsement Wray. Actually, Tulcingo has multiple locations, most of them along the stretch of Roosevelt and at least one in Astoria. The biggest of the Tulcingo branches seems to be the one just south of the corner of Junction and Roosevelt -- and it's open 24 hours! I can't vouch for the others though, since the 82nd/Roosevelt is the only one I've tried.

                    Speaking of Mexican, I went to my regular place, Poblano, last night, and ordered the chuletas con pipian (pork chops in pipian sauce) off the specials menu (written on a napkin with a felt pen -- gotta love that). The pipian was smooth and sublime and better than I remember pipian to be (sometimes it tastes harsh and metallic to me), with enough of a piquant bite not to cover up any of the smoothness. A healthy portion too, and with rice, beans, and tortillas it's a bargain at $5.95. The specials seem to be the kind they make in bulk and let is simmer in sauce on a steam table, and many of them, like the chuletas con pipian, develop better flavor and texture with more time simmering. A while ago I also had goat (or was it pork? can't remember) in a pasilla chile sauce that was incredible -- and incredibly spicy. It's also good to have some spanish skills here, or at least a vocabulary of food terms, so you can point to the specials. Cheers.

                    1. re: Eric Eto

                      Hey Eric,
                      I tried searching for Poblano, with no luck. Can you give us an address or approximate location?

                      1. re: Abbylovi

                        Poblano is located on Roosevelt between 75th and 76th Street, next to the mexican market. Taqueria Coatzingo is on the next block. Whenever I'm in the mood for mexican, I usually get off the subway at 74th/Broadway in the 7 line (or Roosevelt on the E F G R V trains) and look at the specials at Poblano as well as the status of the al pastor on the spit (usually a smaller spit at Poblano). If neither looks great, I'll head over to Coatzingo.

                      2. re: Eric Eto

                        I've been going to the Tulcingo on Broadway in Astoria for years. It's one of my favorite places in all of NYC!

                    2. re: Eric Eto

                      Wow Eric, that was impressive. Do you know of any Indonesian in Queens?

                      1. re: NYJewboy

                        For Indonesian, in Elmhurst, there's Padang Jaya and Minangasli.
                        And in Jackson Heights, there's Upi Jaya.
                        There's been plenty written about these places if you do a search.

                        1. re: NYJewboy

                          When Eric wrote his list, there WERE no Indonesian restaurants in Queens.

                        2. re: Eric Eto

                          I've not been impressed with Joe's Shanghai in Manhattan. Is the Flushing location better?

                          Any recent experiences with Captain King? The newest post I found was four years old and a very lukewarm assessment.

                          1. re: Xiao Yang

                            Funny that this thread has been resurrected. The Joe's Shanghai in Elmhurst was pretty good, and far better than the one in Chinatown. But it's gone. I had my best meal there on the night of 9/11/01 with 4 friends visiting me from Japan.
                            Captain King closed about a couple years ago, after a long downward spiral. In fact, about 30% of the places mentioned have closed or changed hands.

                            1. re: E Eto

                              I didn't notice until after I posted that this was such an ancient thread. Maybe a remake is in order. What's remarkable to me is the 70% that stilll live on, some still exciting people like Sripraphai, Taqueria Coatzinga, and Kabab Cafe.

                          2. re: Eric Eto

                            Wow, thanks for the great list. BTW, Tulcingo is in Astoria as well. Been going there for years - just got some chilaquiles last night. YUM!

                          3. s
                            Steve Plotnicki

                            Some of the ones on Eric's list are musts. Laifood (Taiwanese on Prince Street) is something you won't get anywhere else. Sripiphai is stupefyingly good Thai. If you like old school red sauce Italian in a Godfather family setting, Don Pepe in South Ozone Park is fantastic. Uzbekistan Cultural Center off of Lefferts Blvd in Kew Gardens is good. Dosa Hut in Flushing is great.

                            1. wow,eric
                              Talk about Christmas coming early, I 'd have this list bronzed but it would be too heavy to shlep in my purse. Thanks SOOOO much to all. Visions of multinational sugarplums dance in my head.......

                              1. Eric's list is incredible! It was written the year before I finally decided to get a computer and check out this newfangled World Wide Web. I wish I'd known about it sooner. It's incredible how many restaurants on the list are still around, and of those still around how many are still turning out top-notch meals. Some of the names have changed. David's is now Lin's, Laifood is now Lu's, I think. And a somnolent restaurant scene in Flushing has gone ballistic.

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                                1. re: Brian S

                                  I was just about to remark on how most of the restaurants on it are still in operation, no easy feat for any dining establishment, especially in the outer boroughs.