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Dec 19, 2001 09:42 AM

French Fort Greene

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Has anyone tried Loulou on Dekalb?

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  1. I've been to LouLou only for brunch, but it has been consistently good. The portions are generous and the service is swift and courteous. The prices, in my opinion, are a bit steep, but I can handle that once in a while. I've also found the atmosphere relaxing.

    1. I agree, the brunch is fantastic -- light fluffy eggs, fantastic french toast. Very relaxing atmosphere but the service is a bit slow so be warned.

      1. The steak at Loulou is fabulous as are all the sides. Okay, i admit that i only have the steak when i go, but it's THAT good. I ususally choose from one of their appetizer specials or have a salad.

        The garden is lovely, too.

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          Mary Shaposhnik

          I'd say LouLou is definitely your best bet in the over-priced, over-hyped Fort Greene French food scene. The food is consistently very good (agree about the very good and sometimes great steak; very tasty burger; last Saturday night, they surprised me by making a chicken breast with fig taste wonderfully rich and luscious -- very hard to do with chicken--and serving a very good bordeaux by the glass). It's also a relaxing room (and tranquil back garden), and the service is more competent and friendly than most of the others places nearby (though that says very little). Still can be slow, but basically, the owners actually seem to be trying to keep the food and service vaguely in line with the prices ($12 for burger or moules frites to about $20, most around $17). I'd go a lot more often, but $30 or so for dinner is usually beyond my budget.