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Dec 6, 2001 12:51 AM

'New Corner' Italian restaurant in Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst area

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I left Brooklyn 25 years ago. I remember "New Corner" as a popular Italian restaurant in the area. The linguini with baby lobster tails was phenomenal. Is New Corner still open? If it is, what's it like these days?

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  1. Sorry to inform you that the place is still there but, alas, it sucks, at best. Don't bother is the best I can say. Sorry.

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    1. re: Vinny

      I haven't been there in maybe 10 years. The second to last time we went we were about 8 people, one bill. The accountant amongst us noticed that we were charged for an extra bottle of wine amidst all the other items on the bill. It was corrected, but not without the manager or somebody having to get involved. OK, mistake, maybe. A few months later, essentially the same group of us went back, and THE SAME THING HAPPENED.So long New Corner, too much of a coincidence for our dining group. --Ken

      1. re: Ken K.

        Typical. The place is getting less and less busy every day. The food sucks. The waitstaff is rude. The place isn't worth anything.