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Nov 30, 2001 12:23 PM

Yemeni Food

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I recently returned from spending a few months in Yemen studying Arabic. The food was great! and I am wondering how the Yemeni places around atlantic avenue are? Especially interested in good salta or fihsa...

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  1. Yemen Cafe on Atlantic below court is wonderful, but unfortunately I never pay attention to the names of things. I just know I love this soup stuff. You might want to give it a try though.

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    1. re: alwayshungry

      Excellent salta (and many other things) at the Yemen Cafe -- strongly recommended. Dirt cheap, too!

      -- Paul

      1. re: Paul Lukas

        when in nyc, try rectangles 2&10th, ali baba amsterdam and 85, and mabat in brooklyn

        1. re: sk

          the yemen cafe is by far the best arabic restaurant i know of- not for ambiance (flourescent) but for community, welcome, menu and cuisine. all dishes are good- and some quite exotic. we ask for the lamb dinner for two or more- which comes with delicious rice, lamb cooked four or more ways! with a lamb soup to start, the flat bread and even ice water in metal cups... and their tea which you serve to yourself from their urn is heavenly!!!
          try it at once if you dont want to lose that ol' yemeni feeling...

    2. m
      Mary Shaposhnik

      There's also salta at Luncheonette, 145 Court Street (a few doors down from Atlantic on the east side--the name may not be on the storefront). It's the only place I've ever had it, so I can't make comparisons -- it was definitely a strong, bubbly, eerie, fenugreek-y dish. Really tasty roasted lamb, too. Probably helps that you speak Arabic - maybe you can explain the vibe there.

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