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Nov 28, 2001 11:48 AM

Where's the best pizza in Brooklyn?

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This question usually sparks a fierce debate, but I suppose that is the nature of this board. My personal favorites are Grimaldi's (near the Brooklyn Bridge) and Lenny's (5th and Prospect). My wife and I tried Totanno's in Coney Island, but it just didn't make the grade (the Wonder Wheel was fun, though).

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  1. L&B Spumoni Gardens. Hands DOWN!

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    1. re: Huey
      josh lichtman

      DiFara's Midwood
      Grimaldi's Dumbo
      The House of Pizza Carroll Gardens
      L & B Bensonhurst
      Gino's 18ave Bensonhurst
      Del Mar Sheepshead Bay

      1. re: josh lichtman

        I have friends who swear by Fascati's in Brooklyn Heights ... haven't tried it so I can't vouch for it!

        1. re: Kate

          Another great one is Smiling Pizza on 7th Avenue and 9th street in the slope.

          1. re: Ian
            Nina Wugmeister

            I have had nothing but horrendous pizza at Smiling Pizza on 9th St./ 7th Ave.

            1. re: Nina Wugmeister

              OK, but where is your favorite place for pizza?

              1. re: Tom K.

                what about totonno's on neptune in coney island. the best pizza by far in the metro area.

                1. re: Tom K.
                  Nina Wugmeister

                  My favorites are Totonno's, and Spumoni Gardens. I'm planning to check out DiFara's this week.

                2. re: Nina Wugmeister

                  You know what? I ate at Smiling's yesterday and had my first negative experience there. The sauce was still great, but the crust tasted like it had been reheated 4 or 5 times in a microwave oven.

                  So I have to retract my recommendation of Smiling. Too bad, they used to be good.

        2. Grimaldi in Dumbo
          My Little Pizzeria on Court St

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          1. re: willow

            DaVinci's on 18th Ave (in the mid 60's) has awesome sicilian. L&B's (aka Spumoni Gardens) sicilian is a close second...and their spumoni is just amazing. They have parking too, something DaVinci's sorely needs!

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              1. re: TBird

                I agree with that ordering...although I've never had Lenny's. Where are they and do they use fresh ingredients like all of the others?

                1. re: pastoralia

                  that was a tough pick for me, as i was trying to keep it "local"(for me). lenny's is on 5th ave and 15th-ish. i think they have been there awhile(i am relatively new to the area), but are just starting get a little bit of respect. they are pretty "plain" compared to the 4 mentioned above them, but definately "solid".

          2. di Fara easily. Grimaldi's is almost inedible.

            1. Difara is the best pizza, with no close second. On the other hand, most regular pizza joints kill their pizza by letting it sit for a long time. That ruins pizza. Pizza, fresh out of the oven is practically a thing of the past. There should be health code violations for old room temperature pizza.
              A decent place with excellent squares is Vic's on Kings Highway between West 6th and West 7th. The place is family run for over 40 years. The square at Vic's is better than Spumoni Gardens, which in my opinion is ok, but nothing to boast about. The good thing about Spumoni Gardens is the large seating area.

              1. Difara and L & B's for squares.