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Nov 24, 2001 12:42 PM

Name of Uzbek Spicy Carrot Salad in Queens?

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I've enjoyed a cold spicy carrot salad served in an
Uzbek restaurant in Rego Park.

I'd like to find the recipe and wonder if anyone know the name of the dish?



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  1. I think its called Korean carrots. I'm not kidding. :)

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    1. re: jayask

      the one i've had is definitely NOT called Korean Carrots. can't think of the restaurant name either though.

      thanks anyway.

      1. re: Ellen

        are you talking about Salut, the top restaurant on Sietsema's 100 favorite cheap restauarnt list for the Voice?

    2. oriental style carrot salad the best one in toronto i think they have some in the chicago area

      1. "Stalin deported the Tatars (cheburek) and the Koreans (morkovcha) to Central Asia."
        Morkovcha is the name of the salad.

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        1. re: nycbbq

          "Morkovka" is carrot in Russian. The salad in most russian restaurants will be called Korean Carrot.

        2. There are a lot of recipes around.. I haven;t tried the. Here is one: