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Nov 19, 2001 06:29 PM

great lunch deals in Park Slope

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Yes, that neighborhood again. I live in Queens but work in Park Slope, and I'll be damned if it isn't much more expensive eating lunch there than it is in the city.

My favorite lunch spot is Uncle Moe's, a mexican place on 7th avenue between 9th and 10th streets. They have a great lunch special, including enchilada with rice and beans and a large soda, for $4.50--which is around 1/2 of what most places in the hood charge for lunch.

Anyone know any other good ones. I work on PPW and 5th street, in the park.


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  1. j
    josh lichtman

    Castilla de jagua on 7th and Flatbush serves a roast chicken or beef stew or roast pork w/ rice beans salad and a coke for $3.95. That's cheap

    1. j

      Charlie's, a tiny little take-out place on 7th Ave. (i think between Carroll and President Streets), has about 6 different soups each day. You can get a soup and a ham and cheese sandwich for $5. I also like Naidra's on 7th btw 12th and 13th. They have great sandwiches for $5 or $6, as well as some killer sweets.

      I agree with your contention that Park Slope lunches are as expensive as those in Manhattan.... and we don't have cheap chain restaurants or deli salad bars to fall back on.

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