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Nov 19, 2001 06:14 PM

Best pizza in Forest Hills?

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I'm so happy to find this board. I'm a lifelong NYer and a hardcore foodie. I hope to contribute here regularly.

My first question: What's the best pizza by the slice in Forest Hills? I know all about Nick's on Ascan Avenue, and it's great, but it only sells pies. Any suggestions?

I've tried a bunch and none of them impress me, except for perhaps AJ's on Austin Street. For now, when I get a pizza craving, I drive all the way down to the infamous New Park Pizza in Howard Beach, or up to Amore's Pizza in Whitestone. I'm still searching for a good one in Forest Hills.


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  1. Unfortunately A & J is about as good as it gets in FH.
    Back in the day there used to be two good slice places on 108th street, but that's going back 25 - 30 years...

    Take a trip to Brooklyn to DiFaro's (do a search on this site) it's amazing pizza and much more out of a whole in the wall pizza looking joint on ?Ave J & 15th. It's a long slow meal but worth it - try not to go on the weekend if possible it just takes too long.

    Where is this place in Whitestone, Amore? Do you have an exact address?

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    1. re: tigerwoman

      Finally emerging from lurkdom....

      Although I don't have an exact address, Amore Pizza is in the Pathmark shopping center on the Van Wyck Expressway service road, right near Whitestone Lanes.

      They make amazing slices. In Forest Hills, where I live, I've found AJ's to be far & away the best slice.

      1. re: Consequences

        Yes, Amore is in the shopping center off the Van Wyck by the Pathmark. They have GREAT thin-crust slices there, and because they're so busy it's always fresh. They never have to reheat old slices there because they move so many pies. Sometimes you actually have to wait for one to come out of the oven, but it's totally worth it.

        Thanks for all the replies everybody!

    2. i think avellino's (not too far away in rego park) near the 63rd subway stop on the north side of queens blvd. is the best in the rego/forest hills area for slices of pizza. There is some variation as to who makes the pie, but still miles above the avg. in the neighborhood for your ny slice.

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      1. re: dl_ressel

        I hear teher are good pizzaria's on Metropolitan in FH, but don't know which offhand. Hoe about Jack& Peters or Alba (owned by the same people) on Queens Blvd in Briarwood? They make a good slice (especially sicilian), although they are not in the league with Difara's in Brooklyn.

        I know its a tad out of your way, but how about some Argentine ham and roasted red pepper pizza at Don Chicho's in Elmhurst at Junction blvd and Corona Avenue (behind Queens center Mall a bit (if driving). It is a depper crust, and great by the pie, but good by the slice as well. They also sell fugazza (onion pizza no sauce) and fugazzeta (same with cheese) by the slice. You can get some beef empanadas while you are there, and possibly stop at the Argentine Bakery (Rio De La Plata) on teh next block.

        And now to veer slightly off-topic:

        I used to go to Avellino's a couple of times a week for heros when I worked in the nabe, but the owner was once very nasty to me (approx 6 years ago), so I stopped going. The same thing goes for Bonelle bakery on Ascan. His employee was pretty embarrassed because he saw me where I worked (in retail) very often, and was the one who usually served me.

        It's sad that a place can have decent food, but if the owner has a bad day they lose a lifetime of someone's business, but these were people who went a step above normal rudeness.

        1. re: Jayask

          Thanks. Alba is pretty good, but if I'm going to get in my car then I'm going somewhere else. I appreciate the advice though.

          And you're right about Avellino--the owner there is a crank. I once heard him talking to a customer about how if he had it to do all over again he wouldn't have opened a pizzeria because now he spends too much time there. The pizza is pretty good, but I tend to avoid the place on principle because they actually charge a fee for delivery! Can you believe that?

          1. re: Jayask

            I am a regular customer of Avellino's. I have to disagree about the attitude. Maybe they seem brusk but it is a busy operation. The same guys always work out front. They have never been unfriendly to me or my husband. I have never seen them be rude to anyone.
            I took out a some dinners on Saturday night. On the take-out line there was a father and young daughter who think their lasagna is the best anywhere. Another women was talking about how their pizza was the best and her favorite comfort food since 9/11, and another women who was raving about a veal dish that she orders regularly. All these rave were unsolicited. Everybody seemed very happy with their local pizza place/ restaurant.
            Your complaints don't jive with my experience.
            I never noticed a charge for delivery. There delivery is pretty slow, so I usually order and pick it up myself.

          2. re: dl_ressel

            I just ordered a large pie with mushrooms on it. First of all i had asked if they were fresh mushrooms, I mean it´s only 2007 and people like things fresh, well not the case at this place just another reminder your in Queens. The mushrooms were canned, the shell of the pizza was like eating 10 loaves of bread with about 5 pounds too much of cheese. The only thing that was memoriable about it was the sauce, the sauce was good.The Ceaser salad, well if you like anchovy's you got here, it was like eating a anchovy dressing, how gross is that.
            Once again a reminder your in Queens with knuckle heads.

          3. How about Mikes on Yellowstone and Dartmouth (across from C-Town).

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            1. re: Larry

              Mike is long gone, sold it to former delivery guy/helper about 3 years ago (at least).
              Always mediocre at best, much the same now. Only thing was they were always open until midnight and would serve until then. With new owner, often they are sold out by 11pm and unwilling to whip up anything new. Its a place to avoid now more than ever!

              1. re: FH4LIFE

                Gotta agree, Mike's was always mediocre.

            2. I find it truly disappointing that there are no really good pizzerias in Forest Hills (i don't count Nick since they don't sell slices, heros or anything parmigiana).

              A&J is the best and they are quite good, but they don't deliver and I can't walk there and get my food home without it being cold. I have picked up from there but parking on Austin can be nightmarish.

              There used to be a good place on Continental across from Wendy's but they changed owners and are sub-par now.

              HEAR MY PLEA, OH MR. PIZZAMAN......If anyone is looking to open a good pizzeria in Queens, check out Forest Hills----Queens Blvd. between Union Tpke. and Ascan Ave to be exact. There is exactly ONE PIZZERIA and it is barely adequate (PIZZA PRO...BTW I don't consider Family Restaurant a pizzeria). You can make an absolute killing if you are good AND deliver. Tons of people with lotsa cash who hate cooking !!!

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              1. re: Afikoman

                Amen on your plea to the pizza gods.

                But you should know that A&J does deliver. Including all the way to my house near the Knish Nosh.

                BTW, for worst pizza in Forest Hills I nominate Primadonna on QB. Tastes like cardboard.

                1. re: Afikoman

                  I stil endorse Avellino's (closer to rego park) despite an occasionally surly owner. In his defense, i must add that, I have personaly witnessed this surliness, and in many cases it was in response to customer actions that might test the most tolerant of us. I do concur that Primadonna is not even good cardboard.

                2. Hey, I think you all are a little too Queens Blvd./Austin Street centric here. Lillian's is buried on a small commercial strip in the middle of Forest Hills (its been awhile Harrow Street? Exeter?) and is always reliable for a great hot slice and entertainment from Tony, the original owner. Can't believe it didn't get a mention.

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                    LILLIAN'S! mmmm.. yes of course. i grew up on that pizza and heroes. the old juke box...
                    it's on 69th avenue and ingram st. right on the corner. great old ny style pizza. the meatball parmagian hero is to die for!! tony's awesome!