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Nov 7, 2001 08:49 PM

Alpha Donuts -- you gotta be kidding

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Tried Alpha Donuts before a $4.00 matinee of Monster's Inc at the Sunnyside Cinema. Tasted like your typical donut cart donuts -- only not as good. Yep, I'm pretty sure I've had better donuts from a donut cart. I don't think it would have helped if they were warm. they had NO TASTE! (I did love the ol' blonde woman's hairdo though)

I'm confused why anyone would recommend this place. Then again, I like Krispy Kreme's...

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  1. I wasn't thrilled with them either, but they were good, just not good enough for a special trip.

    Some donut carts actually have good donuts.

    Not crazy about Krispy Creme, but they are better than Dunkin' Donuts.