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Nov 5, 2001 01:33 PM

Castro's Mexican

  • j

Just wanted to thank Jim leff for his recomidation of Castro's in his book. I sampled some sopes, goat taco, tostadas and all were excellent. There chef has a wonderful aura about her and she is most definetely a food person. The best Mexican in Brooklyn.

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  1. "she"? it was a male chef when I was there! well, glad I get serendipitous credit anyway!

    Hey, is the korean place still in biz upstairs? Or, if not directly upstairs, on a second floor nearby?


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      The place is till there, r ight above the Korean Deli south on Myrtle went there about a month ago and although it was adequate for a local korean craving, it does not compare well to other hole in the wall places like the Mill...cant really compare it to Kang Suh or other midtown places because it does not even come close. Try and see for yourself. I had the Spicy beef soup (yuke Jang) and Cold Noodles (naeng Myun). Not horrible, but not quite Mom's either.

      1. re: serpentor

        though i've yet to try it, they are now serving sushi. any reports?

      2. re: Jim Leff
        josh lichtman

        She was a warm motherly type figure who really seemed to love cooking. Everything was delicous.