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Nov 4, 2001 11:24 AM

Luce, Park Slope, (Good Ol) Brooklyn

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Went to Luce (6th Ave and 11th St)last night. Delicious meal; fun appetizers, which were not run of the mill. For dinner I had the skate and my best pal had the striped bass. The food was flavorful and tasty. The desserts were also "right up my alley." The service was good and the owners were right there to answer our questions. The atmosphere was relaxed and calm. They are open 3 weeks and have a liquor license. Go there before the "crowds" find it.

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    Erica Marcus

    Thanks for the heads-up, Joanne. Could you be a bit more specific about the food? Is there a national cuisine they're cooking, or riffing on? What was fun about your appetizers? How was the fish prepared? And, most importantly, what's up your alley, dessertwise?

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    1. re: Erica Marcus
      Stephanie Leveene

      Luce's an Italian place. Haven't tried it yet--I will try that and Minnow once they get their "legs."

    2. I have noticed they get their fish from Wild Edibles, and that there was a Saturday delivery--both good signs, I think.