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Nov 4, 2001 10:21 AM

Mexican Grocer

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I have some wonderful recipes for Mexican food, but need a good store to find certain ingredients. Where can I find a good selection of chiles, Mexican chocolate, and other produce items? I'm in Queens, but willing to travel. Thanks.

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  1. j
    Jeremy Osner

    There are a couple of good places on Roosevelt near 102nd Street. One on Roosevelt and 78th. One on 30th Ave. near 34th. Many others I'm sure, these are the ones I know of. My pick of them is on the south side of Roosevelt between 102nd and Junction. Not sure of any of their names, except the place on 78th is El Poblano. (I think.)

    1. Lots of Mexican grocers and butchers on Greenpoint Ave in Sunnyside. Take the 7 train to 46th St. Greenpoint is just a block south of Queens Blvd at 46th. Tons of Mexican stuff everywhere you look.

      1. I've been pretty happy with I've been able to quickly find what I've needed (we're addicted to the instant horchata mix). The only catch is that shipping charge is by the pound, so stay away from the super heavy items ;-)