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Oct 30, 2001 03:30 PM

5th Ave. Outpost of Karam?

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The fried chicken-gyro-pizza place on the N.W. corner of 5th Ave. and 80th Street in Bay Ridge has been replaced with a Lebanese joint that - i think - initially had a sign reading "Karam." This has been replaced, the new one identifying it as "Mazza Plaza," or something similar. The take out menus still say Karam.

Tasted about the same as the one down by 86th Street - a place whose appeal was always lost on me. A better bet - if you go early, before the doner dries out - is the place across from the Islamic Center on 5th, just North of Bay Ridge Ave. Don't bother with their wilted lettuce and tomatoes that are whiter than Angus Scrimm's pasty hide.

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