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Oct 30, 2001 12:36 PM

Restaurant that can accomodate a large group?

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Hello, We hope that someone would offer their advice. We are hosting a family dinner next month, to celebrate our engagement and are looking for some restaurant recommendations.
We'd prefer a venue that can offer a private room for us.
We anticipate we will invite 50-60 people, ten of which are young children.
Prefer location in Nassau County, though eastern Queens or western Suffolk is OK too.
We like the idea of "family style"-just so much easier with the children. Not a necessity, though.
Since we are paying for our wedding, and this dinner ourselves, we need to keep the price per person somewhat moderate (ie-we'll need to pass on Panama Hatties and Louis XVI-two of our favorite restaurants).
We'd appreciate any and all ideas, suggestions.
Thank you and have a nice day!!!!

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  1. How about Green Fields Churrascarria on 10th Street and Northern Blvd in Cornona? They also have one in Farmingdale, LI, but I ahven't been that location.

    It Brazilian food, with all you can eat. They just keep bringing different meats. There is also a salad bar and a hot food bar. Last time I was there it was $22 per person.

    The restaurant probably seats a couple of hundred people, so a group shouldn't be a problem.

    1. For a place in Nassau or Suffolk, you'd be better off posting this on the Tri-State board, Misha. And, regarding Jayask's suggestion, I've been to Green Field's on Route 110 in Farmingdate, and suggest you stay away. Good luck!