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Oct 18, 2001 02:38 PM


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I'm looking for a great butcher in Brooklyn. Particularly, I'm looking for great ribeye steaks and a wide selection of game. Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know where in Brooklyn you are, but the borough's best butcher is undoubtedly Staubitz Market at 222 Court Street (across the street from Warren), 624-0014. If you do a search on Cobble Hill you will find many adulatory posts on Staubitz and the many fine purveyors in the same neighborhood--Fish Tales, Tuller, Esposito's, Sahadi, etc.

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    1. re: Erica Marcus

      I happen to like Staubitz as well, but be forewarned that the lines can get really long sometimes. Other chowhounds have alternative suggestions. Don't know if micki's reading the boards these days, but to quote a previous post of hers:

      "Try Brooklyn Heights Meat Market on Clark off Henry. The brothers who own it worked at Staubitz since they were little guys. They have top quality meat. Prime, black angus steaks and other great goodies."

      1. re: Dennison

        A third vote for Staubitz - but only go during the week or the wait is unreasonable.

        I also like Great Western (not to be confused with Western Beef) on 5th Avenue and 7th Street.

        1. re: Zephyr
          Michael Zimmerman

          Staubitz is indeed the most consistent, as well as the best. Heights Prime is good and often excellent, but I've had one or two uneven experiences over the several years they've been on their own. If you don't want to wait on line at Staubitz, call your order in first. They also deliver.

          1. re: Michael Zimmerman

            Staubitz is fabulous, but geographic convenience sends me to another good butcher shop -- United Meat Market on Prospect Park West in Windsor Terrace. True, they don't carry the prime meats that Staubitz does, but they have a good selection (D'Artangan chickens, etc.) and always cheerfully accommodate special requests. They also deliver, via bicycle.

            1. re: Susan Hope

              I have to admit that I'm the minority on this board when it comes to Staubitz. I've had more than one unfortuante experience there. The most memorable was an obviously inexperienced butcher who totally destroyed a leg of lamb as he attempted to butterfly it for me.

              On my way to work everyday I pass a butcher shop on Smith Street called Las Paisanos, or something close to that. I asked a friend of mine about it who lives in the area and is a chef. She goes there quite often and likes it very much. They carry top quality meats and game. Some specialty items,too.

              Also, was just touring around the meat section of the newly opened Garden of Eden. Very impressive. Everything looks fresh and top notch. They also carry D'Artagnan chicken, rabbit, duck, duck breast, poussin, cornish hen, etc--all fresh. Not bad, huh!

              PS Hi Dennison!

          2. re: Zephyr

            Add my vote for Great Western (5th Ave. and 7th St.) -- great meat, friendly and knowledgeable butchers. Currently run by the founder's son. Lines usually aren't too long, either.

            Also: I was in a bar in Kensington recently and struck up a discussion with a guy who works at A&B Meats (7514 13th Ave.). He definitely knew his meat, and he showed me the two porterhouses that he was brininging home for himself -- they were real beauties. Haven't been to the shop itself yet, but it's on my list.

            -- Paul