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Oct 16, 2001 11:12 AM

Chinese in Sunnyside

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I've recently moved to Sunnyide, Queens and have yet to find a good chinese joint. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. So far we liked Mr. Wonton (although they went downhill a bit lately) and Nr.1 chinese Restaurant on 43rd Ave at 49th st.

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    1. re: MickyMe

      ditto here with mr. wonton. for the 3.5 years i've lived in sunnyside, they've become the chinese place for take-out, at least for me. most things they make are decent at worst, pretty dang tasty at best (keeping in mind it's take out, not a real sit down joint), and the only thing on their menu i've found lacking is the hot & sour soup, which just doesnt cut it for me...


      1. re: Josh

        Thanks, I will try Mr. Wonton. I realize that there's good chinese in Flushing but sometimes I just want to be lazy and have the food delivered to me. I appreciate everyone's feedback though.

        1. re: Norma

          i tried mr. wonton last night for the first time. it was pretty good. i had been relying on lee sheng due to proximity to the train, but i was never too impressed. they did some funky kinda flouring of their beef. blehhh. mr. wonton's pepper steak was really tasty, non-floury beef.

      2. re: MickyMe

        I have come to the conclusion that there are no decent Chinese takeout places in Sunnyside or Woodside and I refuse to try any more new places. Yesterday we tried No. 1 Chinese on 43rd Avenue and my stomach is still upset today. How could they mess up a half fried chicken and fried scallops? The General Tso’s chicken was mixed with pieces of fresh chicken and rotten chicken. The scallops were also mixed with fresh scallops and rancid scallops. One bite of the rancid stuff sent the whole dish into the garbage. Are they still using frozen meat partially defrosted from the summer blackout?

        1. re: Dboogie

          Sorry that happened to you, and I agree that the place went down a lot in the last 2 years. Actually, we didn't even order anymore chinese in the hood anymore. When the craving hits we go to Chinatown.
          As for take-out in Sunnyside, there are still lots of options other than chinese.

      3. Welcome to the neighborhood! The ethnic makeup of Sunnyside has given rise to great Korean, Mexican, Turkish, and Romanian food, but all the Chinese places I've seen are of the quickie take-out variety==probably because there aren't enough Chinese folks to support a real place. Since the Chinatowns of Flushing and Elmhurst are just a short subway ride away, I've never had the urge to seriously compare these local joints--there's too much other yummy food going on in Sunnyside!

        You might consider changing your name to something a little more distinctive, so that we can all recognize you when you report back that you've discovered some amazing Chinese place in Sunnyside!

        Happy eating.

        1. It was a sad, sad day when Woodside Chinese (which was actually in Sunnyside) changed owners. They had the BEST kung pao and dumplings in spicy oil ever. However, we've found a decent replacement in China Taste, which I believe is on 45th St. It's far, far better than Mr. Wonton, No. 1, Empire Szechuan or Great Dragon, all of which I've tried. Everything I've had from China Taste has been quite good, although their hot and sour requires a little doctoring. Also, oddly enough, they spice their General Tso's with jalapenos, which taste fine but look really funny. It's still my bf's favorite General Tso's ever, though.

          1. I would add Wah Yeung's 43-24 43 Ave or New China Taste on 46th Street between 47th Ave and Greenpoint. Non greasy and actually kind of tasty but I do agree really awesome chinese is lacking. There are somevery amusing posts on the state of Chinese in Sunnyside if you run a search.

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            1. re: majorkong79

              Majorkong is right - New China Taste is on 46th, not 45th as I stated. I can never remember as I almost always order delivery!