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Oct 10, 2001 10:43 AM

Asimov responds to recent Chowhound criticism...

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... by reviewing Arharn Thai, in Astoria. The prior complaint was that the "Under $25" column tended toward the mid-priced to fairly expensive category.

It's a cool little review, too; casual, informative, and quite chowhoundy as well. Way to go, Eric!


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    Nina Wugmeister

    I agree that the $25 and under column has tended to represent more expensive places. And I'm glad to see that Asimov is doing something about it. Let's hope it lasts.

    Does it occur to anybody that he probably reads this message board?

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    1. re: Nina Wugmeister
      Michele Cindy

      I would hope (and I beleive they do), he and other reviewers read this board so that they can report back to the rest of the world some of Chowhounds great finds.