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Oct 7, 2001 08:50 PM

Comfort Food Good Prices Park Slope

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Like everyone else, times are uncertain economically, but food is comforting and we need to keep going.

We had a great dinner that satisfied a variety of food preferences last night at 200 Fifth Avenue, a real neigborhood (and by the way very integrated) joint.

At first glance it seems like a sports bar and at times it is, they also have amazing latino nights (Friday nights???) with live music and low cover.
But the food is good value for money with great portions and good taste.
We had mesculin salad with grilled portebello and goats cheese, baby lamb chops, warm spinach salad, hamburger and fries (nice and greasy and not the frozen type), peppercorn steak, salmon with black bean and ginger sauce, babyback ribs, mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach with garlic, caesar salad fried popcorn shrimp - you get the idea some people in our crowd wanted all american some wanted a more international twist. We are not drinkers but they seemed to have a big bar business and lots of beers and other speciality drinks.

I didn't see the final bill (it was my birthday celebration) but my baby lamb chops where something like $16 and there where about 6-8 of them and I got the sauteed spinach instead of starch. I loved my mesculin salad (altho it was missing the avocado) the combo still was yummy and I couldn't finish the chops and gave them away to a bottomless pit teenager (aka my son). We hadn't been there in a while, but it sure beats alot of the Park Slope Prices if you know what I mean.

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  1. We eat at 200 Fifth pretty often. We had just bought a new coop and were getting married at the same time as Mark opened 200 in 1987. We didn't have much money to spare for the wedding, so we had it there. He just erased the prices from the menu and our guests ordered whatever they wanted. He and his staff couldn't have been nicer. They even let us bring our own wedding cake! As it happens, you ordered a lot of the same stuff we do. I even get the sauteed spinach instead of the starch with my chops as you did. The burgers are the best in the neighborhood. The smoked brisket sandwich is also terrific and cheap. They do their own smoking. Mark and his wife have stuck it out through a lot of adversity (the recession and construction project after construction project). They're real neighborhood folks. They always hire local kids as servers and train them pretty well. It's the most ethnically diverse place you can find anywhere in the Slope. (My only complaint is the noise level, especially on Friday afternoons/evenings.) These people deserve the area's patronage.