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Oct 3, 2001 09:39 AM

Mama Dukes

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Just tried out Mama Duke's Soul Food To-Go on Saturday. It's on Flatbush and Bergen (I think), and it was quite good. The fried chicken was peppery and not too greasy. It comes with a choice of two sides and I can recommend the potato salad - nice and vinegary. The service is charming, portions are huge, and well, don't even get me started on the cornbread. Take out and delivery only...

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  1. Is this a new place?

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    1. re: Cathy Elton

      Yes - its a new soul food takeout - just opened at the corner of Flatbush and Bergen diagonally across Flatbush from Pinchiks.

      Ive given it one try and cant decide - big servings, fairly big prices (I think it was $12 for a whole big pile of ribs, enough for two IMO and two sides). the ribs, were big, peppery, and greasy - they offered what they described as a sweet BBQ sauce alongside, which I declined so cant describe. Nice people, spanking clean shop, sort of a funny inconvenient setup. Mac&Cheese was tasty, greasy and had some brown bits. Cabbage was bland. I will try the chicken some time when the shop is busy - this was 10pm and the stuff languishing in the case didnt look so hot.