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Sep 29, 2001 11:38 AM

How to get the Real Deal - a suggestion

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I was at a Thai temple in Long Island this past month, not during any particular festival, but one of the many fundraising events they hold every once in a while. The food that was being served was cooked by the temple-goers---it was absolutely authentic and wonderful-in the sense that none of it had been "watered" down to suit Western tastes (I'm Thai; I know). I know that the temple does this kind of an event pretty often, so I am curious if there are any other religious or community-based ethnic organizations out there who do similar things, be it Russian, Greek, Ecuadorian, etc. From the experience, I can tell you that to capture something this good is like trying to capture some subatomic particle. It's there one moment, in all its splendor, and then is gone, only appear at some other unannounced future. I would like to see a list of these organizations' websites, with announcements perhaps posted on somekind of a chowhound watch list, so that we can know when and where to get that experience, because there is more to food than just restaurants. It's a lot of effort, but I think it's worth it if we can pool in our knowledge and use this forum as a dissemination point.

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  1. Of course there are community organizations with such events for nearly all groups. The question is what would be the best way to maintain the information.

    Perhaps chowhound could link to an internet calendar service. One of those free internet "community" places that provides the web service in return for getting the hits for it to sell banner ads. It would contain both general reminders which say "Philipine independence day celebration when [org] usually does [activity]" and that could then be updated when chowhounds can provide actual info as event becomes concrete and imminent.

    It would also be good if there could be links to notes (or threads back here) describing the said activity in the usual chowhound manner.

    Although it is in the outer boroughs that such activities may happen. If anyone thinks my idea is worth discussing/responding to, guess we should take it to site talk.


    1. "I would like to see a list of these organizations' websites, with announcements perhaps posted on somekind of a chowhound watch list"

      Don't forget consulates and embassies with food! Such sources are indeed prime chowhound lead-gathering. But rather than make this a separate list or category, may I suggest that we use the masses of the site the way they work best? If a lot of us go exploring--checking web sites, calling churches embassies, etc--and we all report back, the info will compile organically along with all the other chow reports. Needn't be a separate thing, it's just a particularly savvy way to go about what we're already out there doing!

      don't forget that there's a thai temple in elmhurst, too.


      1. What a great idea!

        I look forward to the information.