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Sep 26, 2001 09:02 AM

lamb kebobs in Queens (Astoria???)

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I am looking for a store (wholesaler) that can supply me with a box of those wonderful pre-seasoned and prepared Lamb Kebobs that can go from box to grill. I've had them before and can't remember where the store was that sells them in bulk (approx. 100 to the box).

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  1. Hi David,
    There is a Sabretts dealer on 154th Street 1 block north of Northern Blvd. that supplies the street vendors with hot dogs, buns, onions & shish kebab.
    They might be able to help you.
    If I pass by I'll get you the phone #.

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    1. re: john knoesel

      try DELAN'S on 23 avenue near 22nd street in ASTORIA. also, there is a wholesale meat store on ASTORIA BOULEVARD and 37th street. in the summer they sell kabobs for grilling.

    2. international meats on 30th ave + 36st can do you right ..they are good butchers and nice people!

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      1. re: allen vella

        thanks allen. i'll look them up!