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Sep 22, 2001 06:59 AM

Help finding the best at Roosevelt Ave & B'way

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I have a group of architecture students from RI with me for the weekend working on a project at the subway station on Roosevelt Ave. Where are the best places for them to eat to get a sense of the diversity of the area?

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  1. Definitely Tibetan Yak and Pearson's BBQ.

    Do a search on the chowhound mainpage For Jackson heights. Keep an eye out for Argentine(La Portena, maybe), Indian, and hispanic grilled chicken.

    I have heard people talk about Crystal's for Filipeno food but haven't tried it.

    I like a Spanish (Galician) Restaurant called Meson asturias but it is one trainstop away and a bit pricey. Never been there for lunch though. Great garlic shrimp tapas.

    Avoid La Uruguaya bakery since there has been major decline.

    1. I will second the other recommendation for Pearson's BBQ. To get there go up 74th Street past the Jackson Diner, take a left at the end of that block. Go right at 72nd St. to 35th Ave. and take a left on 35th. It is on you left hand side in the back of a bar. I forget the name of the bar, but there is a sign for Pearson's hanging below the window.

      Don't just pass the Jackson Diner, Eat there. Never had the lunch buffet, but it has been great for dinner. As good as Indian gets in N.Y.C. I have heard good things about Delhi Palace also, which is a few doors away. However, I hvae not been able to get anyone to try it, instead of going to the Jackson Diner.

      Malaysian Rasa Sayang, 75-19 Broadway, is very good. I like the Indian style fried noodles.

      I have not eaten at Tierras Columbianas, at 82-18 Roosevelt. However, I have been to the Astoria location and can readily recommend the Paella.

      There are a lot of comments on this board regarding food in this area. Much of it, I have yet to try, but I am looking forward to doing so. A search for "Jackson Heights" will give you a lot of choices. Recently, La Nueva Rioplatense was recommended for its empanadas. Couldn't make it this weekend, but maybe next.

      1. Being in the neighborhood they will see the diversity. I have two suggestions that might not be the most gourmet places but I think would be good for a group of students.

        One is the Mandarin House (40-10 74th Street), Chinese and Latin and Seafood restaurant. An ok neighborhood Chinese place has been transformed by adding Latino and Italian approaches to seafood and Latin grill meats (steaks and chops). I had their linguini with seafood and it ranked with pasta ala mar that I have had at several much fancier Italian places.

        The other is Gusty Chicken. Columbian specialities, good pit roast chicken, and burgers if the student just doesn't want to try something new.

        Both of these places have very reasonable prices.

        Being right there, even though it has been clearly explained to not be truly holy chow food, are many choices of Indian/Pakistani food. The most reliable of the buffets is over on 74-14 37th Avenue, Ashoka.

        The Tibetan place is unique, be aware that it can take some time to get your food (all the better for the taste, but you have to plan for it.) There is a 24 hour Korean place right there also that is ok. Both it and the Mandarin House Restaurant are by the stairs going down into the subway on the SW corner of the station.

        For snacks and coffee, the First Taste Bakery, a Chinese place at 7508 Broadway, across from the SE corner of the station has sweets and finger food (curry meat pie, croissant sandwiches, bean paste buns) and drinks and coffee.

        Living in the neighborhood, these are the places I rely on.