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Sep 13, 2001 10:08 PM

3 Strikes -- Sac's Sicilian Slice OUT

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They have done something to my favorite slice, Sac's pizza sicilian slice -- the place less than one block away from my house in LIC. The sicilian slice I have become so used to being excellent and fresh is now one step above (perhaps below) an Elios Frozen pizza slice. That's what it reminds me of now. This is the third time in a row (over several months). I have given up. Is it me? Have they started using frozen dough or something for the sicilian slices?

YUCK, what a dissapointment. Should I say something?

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  1. no, its not you. I have noticed a steady decline in both the regular and sicilian slice. Used to be fresh and wonderful. NOw its like tomato paste, cardboard cheese and saltine cracker crust. I am with you on this and am a fellow neighbor.

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      david sprague

      when i first moved into astoria/lic in 1988, Sac's (about three blocks from my digs) was absolutely wonderful. no competition for Rizzo's, of course, but other than that, the place offered up the best Sicilian slices in the area....then they had to go and get fancy, shutting down the perfectly adequate dive they had in order to "renovate" (and seemingly forget exactly what they were there do to in the first place....make pizza). it's a shame....haven't been there in a year or so, and don't intend to give it another shot.

      the deli, virtually across the street, however, serves up some of the best tortas around. i'm partial to the chorizo, which is particularly good there).