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Sep 1, 2001 04:20 PM

sunset park?

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new to the neighborhood & looking for recommendations - especially for Chinese. Thanks!

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    Allie D'Augustine

    I just moved to Philly from Sunset Park, and what I'll miss most are the Vietnamese places called Gia Lam. There's one at the corner of 55th St. and 8th Ave., and Gia Lam II a couple of blocks down from that (53rd, maybe?). I only tried the second one when I was about to leave, but I liked it better.

    They weren't especially friendly the first time I walked in, but after that they were *wonderful*, in spite of some language problems.

    I tried bunches and bunches of Chinese places and wasn't terribly happy with any of them.

    Have fun in the neighborhood! There are lots of good Asian grocery stores to investigate, too.