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Aug 30, 2001 09:43 AM


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i'm heading into flushing chinatown tonight; can anyone recommend any highlights in the way of markets, streetfood and either sichuan, hong kong or seafood emporiums?


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  1. Hey Neil, there's been tons of discussion regarding Flushing. Go to the main page and type Flushing into the Search box on the upper-right hand corner. You'll get tons of matches. If you still can't find something helpful, come back here and post again. Best of luck.

    1. Hi Neil -- For me, no trip to Flushing is complete unless I stop in at Fortune Gourmet on Prince, b/t Roosevelt and 40th Rd. They have two of my absolute favorite NY eats -- the fresh taro drink w/ black pearls (boba) and the Ice #7, shaved ice with yellow jelly, black jelly, rice balls and black pearls. IMHO, Fortune Gourmet is the king of the NY shaved ice joints, but some others on this board like Specialty Rice as well -- it's just down the street.

      Have fun and please let us know what you find!