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Aug 30, 2001 09:00 AM

El Viejo YaYo

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Having not been down this street in quite a few years (5th Avenue near Flatbush Ave. - Brooklyn)- I was surprised to note the continued presence of El Viejo YaYo. I remember this place many years a go when it was a raffish place where you sat at the counter and had the best Cuban food in town - and the prices were insane. I noted that not only is it still there but they now have a fancy new front and it looks much bigger. Anyone eaten there lately - is it still as good as the old days - and how about the mofongo?

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  1. Not only that, they have even expanded!
    They opened another place on 9th street
    between 5th and 6th - appropriately named
    El Viejo YaYo II. Haven't been there
    in a few months but last time I went it was
    all good.