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Aug 29, 2001 11:25 AM

South Slope Seafood - Tidal Wave Coming Soon

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I recently posted that a restaurant (name unknown) was under construction at the corner of 11th St and 6th Ave. I've been told it would open the weekend of Sept 7, and would serve Italian food with an emphasis on Mediterranean fish preparations.

The "Off the Menu" column on page F-7 of today's Times says Minnow, a seafood restaurant "with Mediterrnaean touches" will open in October at 442 Ninth Street, which I figure to be midblock between 6th and 7th Aves.

Can anyone shed light on this co-incidence?

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  1. I was wondering about that myself. Do you think the Times screwed up?

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    1. re: Peter Cuce

      It crossed my mind that either the Times or the press release they worked from somehow got the address wrong. The restaurant on 11th St is not at 442. Maybe 442 9th St is the address of the person who prepared the press release? I may walk by after work and see what's there.

      1. re: Alan Emdin

        Off the top of my head, I can't think of any vacant retail space between 6th and 7th aves on 9th st. ...hmm, perhaps next to the candy store at the northeast corner of 6th by the bus stop?

        Maybe something interesting is happening more towards 5th ave, perhaps across from the supermarket.

        1. re: Dave Rick

          I didn't see the Times article but TimeOut NY
          reports that a place called "The Minnow" will open up
          at 442 Ninth Street in October. The menu will allow a person to choose a variety of fish, a cooking method and two side dishes to accompany it.

    2. 442 9th Street is the location of Cappucino Cafe--a restaurant with afew sidewalk tables and apparently garden seating--ie, it fits the Times description. I gather the space will be taken over as discussed in the Times. I've lived nearby over 2 years, but haven't eaten there. Has anyone on the board? Should I make a point of getting there before the changeover?

      The people on 11th Street now say their place is more likely to open the weekend of Sept 14th than of the 7th.