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Aug 29, 2001 09:27 AM

Getting Manhattanite to outer boroughts to eat

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Help! I need recommendations for the best restaurant within walking distance in Brooklyn or Queens for dinner tonight. Its for a business dinner among friends. One of my friends, a true manhanattanite, refused to cross the river to eat. I sent him the following top ten list and he caved. Hope you enjoy it.

The top ten reasons why eating ethic food in queens is worth it.

10. So you can see how the other half lives.
9. So you can share the immigrant experience.
8. Because you will feel taller.
7. The waiters don't wear black.
6. No one will try and sell you water.
5. You can order a drink and still get change back from a ten dollar bill.
4. You won't have to see any of the people you work with.
3. You will experience some really good food with bad decoration and not visa versa.
2. You will discover how much money youcan really save by eating out.
1. You can experience authentic ethnic food without getting on an airplane.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. Don't forget the charming subway ride to and fro! Seriously, your list is fine, and complete. If it doesn't convince, it's your friend's fault; you can lead a horse to water blah blah blah.

    1. Do you mean within walking distance of the Brooklyn Bridge? If so (and if your business associates are adventurous eaters), I'd follow Brooklyn Bridge Rd. (it becomes Adams St. and then Boerum Pl.) into Cobble Hill for some good Arab food. Tripoli, on Atlantic and Clinton Sts., does good Lebanese food, and the atmosphere is suitably elegant for business types, but you MUST try Waterfalls Cafe for Yemeni food (sort of a combination of Arab and Indian styles).

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        An apology for a hasty post: it's been brought to my attention that Waterfalls is not, in fact, Yemeni; the place I meant to recommend is called Green Mountain (or Green Fountain), and serves very good Yemeni food across the street from Sahadi's, at the top of a half-staircase and above a barbershop.

      2. As a Manhattanite, I found your top-10 list good and funny. :-)