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US Open-Where to eat afterwards?

s sale Aug 27, 2001 09:09 PM

Seeking suggestions for post US Open dinners(s). Restaurant must be within a 10 minute walk of any Queens stop on the 7 train. Open late a plus.

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  1. s
    sk RE: s sale Aug 27, 2001 09:37 PM

    ot sure about train, but a very short taxi ride is piccola venezia in astoria queens. call them to make sure they have re-opened after vacation, 5-10 min from the open by taxi

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    1. re: sk
      Ben RE: sk Sep 4, 2001 06:04 PM

      How come no one has mentioned Pearson's? Just get off at 74th St. and walk.

    2. s
      s sale RE: s sale Aug 27, 2001 09:41 PM

      Thanks, but it is difficult to get a cab at the open. Just looking for places along the 7 line.

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      1. re: s sale
        christina z RE: s sale Aug 28, 2001 07:53 AM

        From the Willets Point station (US Open) it's only one stop to Flushing Main Street where you'll have a tremendous selection of restaurants. A couple of weeks ago a group of us went to Laifood on Prince St which is a one block walk from the subway. Delicious Taiwanese food. But do a search and you'll get lots of other suggestions.

        1. re: christina z
          sk RE: christina z Aug 28, 2001 08:34 AM

          try and get take out food,lunch,snacks, in nearby corona, leo's latticini for great italian deli

      2. w
        Wendy L. RE: s sale Aug 28, 2001 12:40 AM

        Try searching on Flushing in the boards. You'll find a dizzying number of dining opportunities when you step out of the Main St. station (7 train or LIRR). However, for the late factor, you might have to walk a bit farther.

        1. e
          Eric Eto RE: s sale Aug 28, 2001 03:41 PM

          Go to Grano de Oro 2000 for tacos. On the 7 train, get off at Junction Blvd (the first express stop), and it's on the north side of Roosevelt steps away from the station. They're open late, as are many of the Mexican joint in the area.

          1. p
            pjw RE: s sale Aug 29, 2001 03:20 PM

            There are loads of options along Roosevelt Ave.... there's an all-night Dominican place oat about 97th or so called La casa Quisqueya.... Tacos Veloz is, I believe, around 101st.... there's a late night Korean chigae place at 40th street station on 7 called natural tofu.... colombian place called tierras colombianas somewhere around 85th... some really, you could get off the traion just about anywhere starting at 103 and ending at about 40th and just walk along roosevelt/queens blvd...

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