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Aug 8, 2001 12:47 PM

New Mexican Food.

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I would like to treat my girlfreind to a meal of New Mexican cuisine. She is from there and I know she misses food from home. Anyone have any hints or suggestions as to where to go?

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    johnny forks

    do you mean the cuisine of New Mexico?
    or, newish-type food from Mexico?
    Do tell...

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    1. re: johnny forks
      The Mad Chowhound

      I'm talkin about Christmas on my enchiladas...
      I'm talkin about that good ol' Taos Carne Asada...
      Things like that. (Food from the state of New Mexico)

      I'll hit Maya another time.

      The Mad Chowhound

      1. re: The Mad Chowhound

        in my experience, which has ranged between both coasts since the couple of years i lived in albuquerque, it's impossible to get new mexican cuisine outside of new mexico. for one thing, as i understand it, the chiles that are grown there are unique to the region. it's possible to get new mexican chile powder, but the fresh stuff--forget it. i've looked in to having frozen green chiles shipped, but it's prohibitively expensive for individuals and you have to buy in bulk. since the fresh chiles are one of the integral ingredients of that cuisine, even places that attempt to duplicate it fall woefully short (a travesty in san francisco called something ridiculous like 'right at albuquerque' springs to mind). if anyone can contradict me on these points, i'll be thrilled. i've never quite gotten over my addiction to those fiery flavors.

        1. re: lacy

          I'll contradict you on just one point: Kitchen Market, on 21st St and 8th Avenue, has fresh New Mexican Chiles by the barrel-full, usually beginning the 3rd week in August. I have seen Big Jims and Sandias and Hatch chiles there. The last time I saw that they had these for certain was in 1999, but I did not check back since then. They assured me then that they get these in every year around chile harvest time.

          1. re: foodpimp

            I bought some green chile from Kitchen Market last fall. (I'm also a native New Mexican living in Brooklyn.)

            In my opinion if you want to surprise your girlfriend with some New Mexican food, start looking for cheap airfare. It's just not here in NYC, despite the fact that there are several establishments that have taken on New Mexican sounding names. (Albuquerque Eats in Manhattan and Santa Fe Grill on 7th - both of which I despise.)

            New York makes up for the absence of proper NM chiles with other foods I must say though. I get my spicy fix from Thai, Ethiopian, Indian, etc.

            1. re: Jack H.
              silver queen

              That being said, Los Dos Molinos on 19th Street is a straight-up New Mexican-style restaurant, and the green chile, stacked enchiladas, adobado, etc. are actually quite creditable. Delicious, even.

              1. re: silver queen

                I know this thread has morphed since its start, but I feel I must announce that I just roasted, peeled, seeded and froze my 4.5 pounds of Hatch Valley green chiles from Kitchen/Market tonight. My hands are throbbing with a slow burn, but it's totally worth it. I'll have lovely, smokey, juicy green chile all fall and winter. I'm not from New Mexico, but I have had honorary citizenship bestowed upon me by natives with whom I used to spend winters. Also, I reproduce NM cooking at home with my Junior League of Albuquerque cookbook, "Simply Simpatico." If anyone is interested, you can probably get one by writing them:
                The Junior League of Albuquerque, Inc.
                2920 Yale Boulevard SE
                Albuquerque, NM 87106