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Aug 6, 2001 07:27 PM

Brooklyn: Garjulio's and Sahara's, Good/Bad?

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DiFara's was recently recommended to me as being the best place to get pizza in NYC. Someone on this board gave it a ROUSING recommendation.

Has anyone had any experience at Garjulio's or Sahara's? (also in Brooklyn)

Thanks in advance...


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  1. Gargiulo's is the correct spelling. I got to the parking lot and was VERY intrigued by the scene I espied by the entrance. Unfortunately, one of the guys I was with was wearing shorts so we could not get in.

    1. This is for Gene, who wrote on 8/06, asking about Sahara in Brooklyn. One word, Gene: MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!
      The hummus is great - creamy and garlicky. The round bread, covered with regular and black sesame seeds, is super fresh, crusty on the outside and soft inside, perfect for scooping up that hummus.

      Try the ground chicken or ground lamb (I think) kebabs - kinda like spicy skewered meatballs. The chicken kebabs are great too. The Turkish wines (red and white) are surprisingly drinkable, and good value, too.

      There's a nice outdoor garden in back, which is a great place to eat. It's a casual restaurant, and very comfortable. (I guess you could say I kinda liked it!) I was taken there for the first time by a friend about two months ago, brought my folks there several weeks ago, and am jones-ing to go back again soon.

      Bon Appetit,

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        Sahara does a really nice appetizer/dips plate too.

        I agree, mmmmmmmmmm!