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Aug 5, 2001 09:45 AM


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We finally made it out to Malagueta (25-35 36th Ave in Astoria) last night. Standouts were the fried yucca and lingica appetizer, the moquecqa (shrimp in a very complex sauce of coconut and palm oil, list to those arteries harden!) and the fejoida. In addition to the intensely chazzer-ish beans and the great farofa, the collards were amazing. They were sauteed with garlic salt and lime, and so lightly cooked as to be crisp.

Contrary to other posters, I did not find the portions small, as many had said. Most mains are between $9 and $13, and come with at least a starchy side. Three of us shared two apps, three mains, a great passion fruit mousse for dessert and a bottle of wine, sat for well over 2 hours undisturbed, and the total was $90 with a generous tip.

This is a lovely place -- please go, since it was never more than 1/2 full on a Saturday night.

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  1. Dear Diva,

    What are "chazzer-ish" beans?

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      Chazzer is Hebrew/Yiddish for Pig, often found as Chazzerai -- a pig out. I don't know if chazzerish is a neologism or not, but it conveys the point I hope.