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Aug 2, 2001 08:20 AM

Pinang, (Forest Hills) anyone tried?

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Has anyone been to the new Malasian in Forest Hills at 110-10 Queens Blvd? I am looking at the menu, but haven't tried it yet. If you have tried it, was it good, and any recommendations?

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  1. Ok, I finally tried Pinang. First of all, the waitress said that it is the same owners as Nonya in Manhattan.

    I will admit an unfamiliarity with Malasian food. Having said that:

    The Roti Canai (with 2 dipping sauces) was good. The beef rendang was flavorful but a bit tough, and not a spicy as I expected, since it wasn't really spicy at all. The mango chicken was wonderful, with a great balance of sweet, sour, and spicy. The lemon iced tea was strong and very good. I had bubor Cha Cha for dessertt, which was a strange and unfamiliar experience, kind of like dessert soup.

    I definitely recommend the restaurant based on what I tried especially the roti and mango chicken.

    I'd like to see reports by Chowhounds more familiar with Malasian cuisine.