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Jul 27, 2001 09:14 PM

rude waiters

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At the end of the meal at a diner in Forest Hills,I was still not finished with the water when the waiter removed everything from the table and said that people were waiting for the booth.Is it correct to ask diners to vacate a table before they are ready to leave the restaurant just because ohter people are waiting to sit there?

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  1. "Is it correct to ask diners to vacate a table before they are ready to leave the restaurant just because ohter people are waiting to sit there?"

    No, it most certainly is not. I hope you didn't tip the waiter....Though, if you had been there for 4 hours...

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      the waitron advocate

      do you think it was the waiter pressuring you to leave?
      maybe it was the management. it usually is. so by not tipping the waiter you only look like an asshole. waiters don't turn tables. managers do. think before you act.

      the waitron advocate

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        waitron advocate

        you were in a diner in queens. please.

        1. re: waitron advocate

          Looks like the waitron advocate needs an advocate of his/her own. Skillful advocacy requires diplomacy, evidently lacking here: "you only look like an a**hole"... "think before you act"..."you were in a diner in queens. please."

          My advice to you is think before you post, lest YOU look like an a**hole. With your disparaging comment about Queens, maybe you should stick to the Manhattan board?

          1. re: the waitron advocate

            You are correct.. it is managers who pressure the waiters to turn tables, but please, be more diplomatic on this site.

            You can speak with the manager yes even in a diner (i should know i work in the restaurant biz- upscale) and my dad used to own diners in brooklyn and L.I. there is a polite way, even in a d-d-d- diner, to ask a guest to leave.. if they are not eating or drinking and lingering at the table.You can buy the guests a drink and have them go to the bar or counter, and being direct... "we really need the table and i hope you don't mind ....blah blah.

            ta ta for now chowhound and please, refrain from those curse words

        2. I've been in diners where either the server or the manager tells customers in no uncertain terms that they need the table because people are waiting (especially if you're not a regular). Your experience sounds a bit more rude than is usual for "eat it and beat it" type diners but I'm not surprised. Anyway, you did say you were finished with the meal. Had you paid the check yet? I would have complained to the manager but it probably wouldn't make that much difference.

          In more upscale restaurants, the server usually asks if they can get you anything else and then they present you with the check. It's more subtle but I still know when I'm being 'rushed' - it's part of turning tables over but it's the way it's done that separates a joint from a nice place (and I don't mean price-wise either).