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Jul 27, 2001 07:58 PM

Japanese Grocery on LI?

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Does anyone know of a good Japanese grocery story on Long Island? (preferably Nassau or western Suffolk)

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  1. Well, I think this post should have gone on the Tri-State message board, but.....there is a Japanese grocery on Mineola Blvd in Roslyn, north of the LIE, on the west side of the street, just before you get to The Ruby Room, and one in Port Washington on Searingtown Road, about 1/2 mile before you make the left into town.

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    1. re: Scribbler
      Joyce Goldstsein

      Are you sure that it's on Mineola Blvd? I though Mineola Blvd. ended at Hillside Avenue. Perhaps you mean Willis Avenue?

      1. re: Joyce Goldstsein

        I think he means Mineola Ave. The place is most likely

        63 Mineola Ave., Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
        TEL: (516)625-1814

        I was there once or twice, I remember it being near the LIE. Decent selection for LI, not cheap though.

        For a longer but a bit out date listing of Japanese type grocery stores. Try -
        A couple of Port Washington listings too.

        I remember a larger (but korean oriented) place on Jericho Turnpike in Huntington near Big Z beverages (a pretty large selection of beers)

        Hope this helps!

        1. re: Phil Pace

          Do any of these locations or know of any others in Nassau or Queens have get sushi-quality fish esp. tuna?


        2. re: Joyce Goldstsein

          I think Willis goes as far as the Expressway, since that is the name of the exit, then is called something like Mineola Blvd or Old Mineola Blvd. I may not have the street name right, but I know the location is right......

        3. re: Scribbler

          There are two Japanese groceries in Port Washington. Toyo Foods at 625 Port Washington Blvd (516-944-6464) is on the left side of the street as you're heading north, about a mile before Main Street in Port Washington.
          If you make a left on Main Street and head past the train station, there's another one on the left side of the street, I forget the name.